Transfer Station Reopening of Services-Phase 1 (Effective 5/26/2020)

The Selectmen have decided that effective on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, there will be a phased re-opening of some of the temporarily closed services at the Transfer Station due to the COVID -19 pandemic.  This phased re-opening of some services at the Transfer Station is in concert with the guidance the Governor has given in slowly opening up the economy while still continuing to maximize the safety and welfare of our residents and employees.  Residents are reminded to keep personal spacing criteria in effect and we continue to discourage any social gatherings on site. The phase 1 changes will be posted on our town website, and will also be posted at Transfer Station and Town Offices.  Items following in bold text are the changes established for phase 1.


OPEN:  :  (Resident driven - no assistance needed)

Household Trash will remain open in compacters

Cardboard will be put in one of two dedicated C/D containers

Book drop in containers provided

Glass bottles & jars in normal glass disposal container

Plastic 1-7 in container next to glass (off back loading dock)

Steel cans and aluminum cans in container next to plastic (off back loading dock – Follow signs and taped marking on floor for spacing)

Scrap metal in scrap metal pile

Leaves and grass

OPEN:   (Staff assistance needed for below items) – park outside office and attendant will meet you outside with a protective mask on.  The attendant will price material to be disposed of and direct resident where to dispose of all items and how much it will cost.  Payment will be made at that time via clipboard transfer.  A check is the preferred method of payment, but payment may be made by cash if necessary.  Items that will be accepted and limitations for Phase 1 re-opening are as follows:

Tvs, Electronics, Tires, Propane tanks, Appliances with Freon, Appliances without Freon, and Brush (smaller than 6 inches in diameter).

Limited - Construction Debris/bulky items will be accepted from residents only in loads no larger than an 8 foot pickup bed size, and will be disposed of in one of two C/D containers. Contractor trailers will not be accepted in Phase 1.   Two C/D containers will be kept open for cardboard and overflow from compacters. 


Inside recycling building (Universal waste items for   HHW day - hold at home)

 Inside compacter offices

 Swap Shop

 Planet Aid clothes containers