Mission Statement


The mission of the Tuftonboro Fire Rescue Department is to provide the citizens of Tuftonboro with effective, efficient fire and medical protection services. This mission is to also provide other necessary emergency services essential to the health, safety and well being of the community. These services include, but are not limited to the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services, extra hazardous rescue and mitigation of manmade or natural catastrophes.

The fire protection service includes both fire suppression and prevention, with a strong emphasis on fire prevention programs addressing: public education, Juvenile Fire Setter intervention, the inspection of existing facilities, and the plan review of proposed facilities within the community, fire cause determination including arson investigation.

It is the specific intent of the Tuftonboro Fire Rescue Department to provide support elements administration, personnel services, training, communications, apparatus and equipment, to optimize the effectiveness of fire rescue department personnel. Fire Rescue members will be encouraged and assisted in achieving their potential for professional growth, development and advancement.

It is the further intent of the Tuftonboro Fire Rescue Department that its resources will be available to community citizens in an equitable manner, consistent with the well being of the community at large.